10 November, 2009

Save me from the fall of the Berlin wall

It's been three days already.
Three days during which we have been besieged, pressed, confused, dazed, shocked and awed, by a puerile, shallow, vapid singalong, not worthy of the worst country fair "Ooom-pah" band.
Loud and insincere sycophants, hollow and despicable parachute "journalists" are singing in unison: "Twenty years ago the Wall did fall! The Wall did fall!!"
We know.
So what?
"Twenty years ago freedom did triumph!"
What kind of freedom?

As the great italian chansonnier and satirist Giorgio Gaber recites in the embedded song:

"Freedom is not loafing on a tree-branch, and neither is the humming of an horsefly...Freedom is not a free-for-all...Freedom is participation".

Loathing the whole thing, I limited my exposure to newscasts and other media-manufactured crapola to the bare minimum in the last days, but so far I have not stumbled in a single instance of mentioning the "other walls" which have sprung up since the tearing down of the Berlin one. The wall of shame in Israel, the anti-immigrant barrier between usa and Mexico. I just hope that all of the victims (already in the hundreds) of these new barriers will be remembered and celebrated one day.
One can always hope.

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BeComin' Whisper said...

Non sapevo dove risponderti.
Sì, completamente off-topic, però interessante. Lo girerò su facebook.

Ciao e grazie...

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